Chimney Lining

Supaflu offers improved structural stability, ease of maintenance, and suitability to all fuel types. It is designed to insulate your chimney while providing an effective barrier between the flue gases and your living quarters.


Chimneys require special attention and maintenance to prevent costly damage caused by water penetration. ChimneySaver, the first product developed specifically for chimneys, has been used successfully for decades.

Chimney Caps

The all-stainless HomeSaver Pro has a clean stylish design with a lifetime warranty for any type of fuel being used. Galvanized caps carry a lifetime warranty against defects in workmanship and materials.

Restoring yesterday's chimneys to today's standards

21272494 1647573241943566 7779417237893103418 nThe Chimney Works offers the very best in restoration services for your chimney problems. We specialize in chimney lining and relining, providing products and services to bring an unlined or damaged chimney back up to meet and indeed exceed modern fire codes.

The Chimney Works is an authorized, insured reseller of the Supaflu chimney lining system. Supaflu is a cast-in-place system designed to withstand high service temperatures. It is a zero clearance to combustibles lining system, meaning in your home if the wood touches the chimney, your dwelling is protected.

We also offer stainless steel chimney lining systems for those times when it is not necessary to have the added strength or insulation of the Supaflu. We use top of the line HomeSaver brand lining systems. We also offer a full line of preventative products like chimney caps that keep out the rain, snow and critters as well as waterproofing to protect the bricks above the roof.

Our area of business stretches from Brunswick, Maine all the way down east to Calais and inland from Augusta on up to the Bangor area. We also service the islands by ferry or barge.

We are here to serve you! With over 4000 chimneys relined since 1980, The Chimney works has relined chimneys of every shape, size and location. From lighthouses to restaurants, we service them all.

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