Breck Holladay

Local volunteer firefighter, Breck Holladay has been a SUPAFLU authorized installer since 1980. After attending Supaflu training and certification school, Breck started The Chimney Works in 1980 while working as a boat builder. A part-time business turned into a full-time job in only 3 months! As one of the first SUPAFLU installers in the United States, he is the foremost expert of cast-in-place linings. With over 4000 residential and commercial installations to his credit, you can have confidence that Breck will provide a service that is neat, clean and professional.

The Chimney Works Inc.

The first few years at The Chimnney Works saw many improvements in quality and efficiency of the chimney industry, focusing on safety improvements for both woods stoves and chimneys. The Chimney Works, Inc is licensed and fully insured, working only with the very best materials.

History of Supaflu

In 1963 Englishman Peter McFarlane embarked on research and development of a process that would effectively renovate centuries old chimneys for modern use. Working closely with Great Britain’s National Coal Board, Peter introduced the cast-in-place chimney lining system. Thus, Supaflu was born.

Since that start, Supaflu has been the preferred restoration for tens of thousands of damaged chimneys in Europe and North America, including the Queen’s Palace.

Restoring yesterday's chimneys to today's standards
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