HomeSaver Chimney Caps and Accessories

img 1393Made of 100% 304-alloy stainless steel, right down to its pointed, slotted, hex-head set-screws, or in galvanized painted black, HomeSaver Chimney Caps are made to last.

The one-piece, 8″ or 10″ high screen is heavy, 18 gauge, 3/4″ or 5/8″ mesh, and the top is hand-finished with a rolled edge. The sturdy base also features a one-piece design and includes weld nut technology to prevent stripped threads.

homesaverThe HomeSaver Pro has a clean, stylish design that shouts “Pro” from top to bottom. The all-stainless HomeSaver Pro comes to you with a lifetime warranty for any type of fuel being used.

Galvanized caps carry a lifetime warranty against workmanship and materials, and they have a three-year warranty against rust-through.

Restoring yesterday's chimneys to today's standards
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