Chimney Lining — View our chimney lining products

No one product is the answer to every chimney problem. The Chimney Works includes the popular HomeSaver UltraPro stainless steel systems. Whether you are lining an old unlined chimney or relining a chimney that has suffered damage from a chimney fire, we can solve your problem with proven products that are professionally installed. Systems are fully listed to meet all building and fire codes. These proven methods can bring your existing chimney back up to code without the mess and costly repairs. A good, solid lined chimney is a key to your safety.

DuraTech Factory-Built Chimneys (Metalbestos) — View our chimney products

We offer installation of prefab chimneys such as DuraTech for all types of fuels. Many times a customer will need a second flue to vent a new wood stove or other heating unit. It also might be necessary to locate a unit away from an existing chimney. Factory-built chimneys are an excellent way to add a new stove. Most times a very small area is needed to install a chimney without having to lose living space as a traditional chimney would require.

Chimney Caps — View our chimney cap products

A chimney cap is a very important part of a good chimney system. It keeps rain and snow out of the interior of the chimney, therefore protecting it from the damaging effects of moisture and freezing problems. A chimney cap also keeps critters and birds from entering the chimney and then possibly the interior of the house. It also can help to prevent downdrafts and smoking problems associated with wind issues. We install the very best stainless steel or copper chimney caps made by Gelco. Bolted to the top of the chimney, these Gelco caps can be installed for a single flue or a large multi-flue chimney.

Dampers — View our damper products

A good damper is essential to a fireplace. It keeps the heat from escaping up the chimney when the fireplace is not in use. The Chimney Works has been installing chimney-top dampers for a number of years and has been very pleased with their performance. Good quality dampers, such as the Lock-Top, are constructed of cast aluminum and stainless steel, ensuring many years of service. These Lock-Top dampers are secured with rubber gaskets, eliminating water leaks.

Waterproofing — View our waterproofing products

The Chimney Works offers chimney-top waterproofing as a way for customers to protect their investment. Chimneys are expensive to build and maintain. By waterproofing with the ChimneySaver system, your chimney will be protected from the damaging effects of moisture and freezing for a full ten years. Not only is ChimneySaver great for chimneys, it works on foundations, walls, and walkways.

Safety Inspections

The Chimney Works offers all levels of chimney inspections. You might need an inspection when buying or selling a home or you may just want peace of mind for the safety of your family. We offer inspections from the very basic to an extensive inspection with pictures and reports.

Restoring yesterday's chimneys to today's standards
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